Personal security is one of the main direction of activity of our company, which is aimed at reducing the risks of unlawful actions towards our clients by organizing and holding special events. The guardianship is carried out by specially trained staff who have served in special units and security agencies, professionally own weapons and various types of martial arts. Given that the protection of individuals - a particularly responsible task, for this work selected the best guards, with excellent physical training, psychological stability, savvy and instant reaction.

The main priority is the protection of the life and health of our clients.

Protection and support of cargoes

When transporting any cargoes (especially valuable or large), there are always certain risks, such as damages or abductions. To minimize them, support is required for security personnel who are highly trained.

Basic aspects of cargo protection:

  • Our authorized officer takes transport under guard and places his signature in the inspection act. This document contains information on the condition of the goods, the presence of seals, their numbers. In addition, cargo inspection certificate submitted information about drivers and workers who perform sending / receiving.
  • When it comes to the organization of the protection of material values, the nature of the cargo, its features, operational situation during transport is important.
  • When choosing the route of the cargo, its weight, dimensions, requirements to the temperature regime and other features are taken into account. Also, our specialists take into account the necessary delivery time and financial capabilities of the sender. The completed route is provided to the customer for agreement. The client may make adjustments.

Depending on the specified parameters the option of guarding (standard or reinforced) is selected. Qualified security guards to maintain material assets have excellent physical training, permission to carry weapons and have the necessary skills in the security team when transporting goods.

Guard and organization
mass turn-key events

The complex of services for the protection and organization of activities is among the most sought after directions of B.T.S. Protect The company's specialists have been professionally engaged in such activities for more than 20 years, protecting and organizing events in Ukraine and EU countries such as Germany, France, Austria.

Three simple steps to your successful event

  1. Consultation of an expert

    It is desirable to provide a detailed description of the upcoming event for the effectiveness of the organization of the event from the customer.

    The security of events will depend on the availability of a detailed plan, the possibility of inspecting the object, providing a list of guests and a number of other nuances. Recommendations for Event Organizer.

    Legal advice and support for interaction with authorities, police, fire brigade, physicians, etc.

    Upon receipt of all the necessary information, our security service consistently performs the following work.

  2. Arrival of an expert

    Visiting an object for expert assessment and identification of potentially dangerous places. Based on these data, experts are developing a project to protect the event, after which the document is agreed with the customer.

    The use of security measures through the passage regime, which includes control and review of the presence of alcohol, explosives, weapons and narcotics.

    Signing the contract.

  3. Guard and organization of the event

    Directly guarded by mass events, consisting of cessation of conflict situations, patrolling, as well as organizing and directing the flow of visitors.

    Controlling the object after the end of the event with the organization of the exit of visitors.

    Act about work done.

"Turn-key events" service - B.T.S. Protect together with Event partner arranges your important event.

Trust the Professionals!

System of technical protection

In present realities, one of the key conditions for the organization of a qualitative security system is the mandatory use of systems of technical protection, namely:

  • security and alarm signaling;
  • systems of security video surveillance;
  • control and access control systems;
  • perimeter security systems;
  • fire protection systems;
  • 24 hour control of your protection;
  • remote guarding (it is not obligatory to hire a guard at home and office).

Our specialists have considerable experience in providing technical security systems. As the indicator of the quality of our work, our main client is the National Police of Ukraine.

Physical protection of objects

The services of physical protection of an object mean a complex of specialized measures aimed at ensuring the safety of objects, individuals, the protection of their health and life, the preservation of material and technical resources. The presence of physical protection of the object in conjunction with the modern technical monitoring and control system guarantee a high degree of safety.

The quality of our work is achieved through careful recruitment and constant monitoring of service at the posts.

Our security officers constantly improve their physical, special technical training and high qualification.

Specialists, in agreement with the client, will make an individual event plan for the protection of a particular object or territory. This takes into account the features, the scope of the organization and the wishes of the customer.

Personnel are trained in their security training center, and we also work with the International Center for Israeli Military Training, improving our professionalism with the Israeli Ministry of Defense Certified Programs under the Counter-Terror Israel program.